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Wildlife photography guide and tips

When it comes to photographing wildlife, you need an abundance of patience

Astrophotography for beginners

Astrophotography is a fascinating and magical field in photography

Introduction to portrait photography

If you're looking to get started with portrait photography, you're in the right place.

Street photography

For street photographers, the camera offers a means to make sense of the world as it happens around them

Macro Photography

Capture and reveal the unseen world to a large audience

Beach photography guide and tips

Beach scenes are often tricky to shoot because they’re subject to changing sun, wind, water, and light conditions

Famous photographers in history

Much can be learned from the masters of photography who came before us.

What is aperture in photography?

Beyond the technical aspect of controlling light that passes through a lens during an exposure, aperture also has a number of aesthetic consequence

Photography composition

It’s not what you shoot, but how you shoot it

Landscape photography

how to shoot landscape photography, general landscape photography tips, and camera settings for landscape photography.

The history of photography

From the camera obscura to advanced point and shoot cameras

What is shutter speed?

The essence of photography lies in capturing light

Altered landscapes

New ways of looking at our environments

Art in sport

Photographing from the sidelines

Freezing motion

Capture motion with shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Fuji film Superia

Renders natural colors beautifully with an overall green tint and faded contrast

Details in architecture

Looking at blueprints with a detailed eye

How to pose your subject

Portraiture tips from Emerson Sanderson

Kodak Gold 100

A classic preset that naturally boosts color while adding a soft warmth

Rethinking the selfie

Blur the lines between photographer and subject

Photographing Opposite Perspectives

Capture your subject and what your subject sees